Media Metro Limited has over 30 billboards throughout Fiji. Lighting of those billboards is of utmost importance to our customers, we must ensure they get outstanding visibility and value for money. Traditionally we have used 400 watt halogen lamps which were expensive to run and maintain. By replacing these with Evolution LED 50 watt floodlights we have greatly reduced energy costs and also benefited from the long life span that LED technology provides. Billboards lighting is constantly exposed to harsh weather conditions so durability and reliability were big factor in our decision to switch to LED. EvoLED supplied quality products with solid warrantees to support their equipment.

Grant MoretonManaging Director Media MetroFiji

As energy consultants and brokers, our roll of helping customers reduce energy costs is of paramount importance.
We like to practice what we preach so earlier this year we retrofitted our office with Evo LED spotlights. The light provided by the existing 50 watt halogens was inadequate in certain areas so we were eager to make the change. Replacing the light bulbs was a simple process which delivered significant electricity savings, we also noticed a great improvement in light quality. The 7 watt LED’s are a far superior light source than their 50 watt halogen counterparts.
Another added benefit is we no longer have to constantly change blown light bulbs.
I highly recommend EVO LED lighting products.

Jeremy CairdManaging Director SaveAwatt Ltd

Developing a WaterPark on a large scale was always going to present challenges, that’s why we needed to partner with companies that could see our vision and deliver the right products to suit our requirements. Aesthetically pleasing night time lighting was a key aspect in promoting our facility to passing tourists. On top of that we required security lighting for the whole compound, however we were concerned about light pollution to surrounding hotels.
Evolution LED came up with a solution and produced high powered floodlights with dimmable capabilities in order to meet our very specific needs. They also supplied lighting for our various indoor applications including retail space, offices and changing rooms.
Communicating with one supplier that covered all our needs, Evolution Led were great to deal with, their team was open minded, professional and delivered on their promises. The equipment was supplied in a timely manor and at a competitive price.
Evolution LED has exceeded our expectations and I have no hesitation in recommending their products and services.

Hamish MackenzieManaging Director Big Bula Inflatable WaterPark

Thank you for your services, you saved us great deal of money on our power bill and maintenance. We had constant problems with our halogen lights, after switching to LED our power bill went down and quality of light is just amazing. Thank You EvoLED

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